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Effectively Wild Episode 2122: Ballers Don’t Lie

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about surprising playoff odds, the Astros extending Jose Altuve (26:40), the Brewers signing Gary Sánchez (34:57), the forthcoming Netflix docuseries about the 2024 Red Sox (38:49), a baseball equivalent of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (45:17), and how trailblazing former first-round draftee Carter Stewart has fared in Japan (55:29). Then (1:03:25) they talk to Paul Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Pioneer League expansion teams the Oakland Ballers and the Yolo High Wheelers, about his efforts to ensure the survival of professional baseball in Oakland in the likely absence of the A’s.

Audio intro: Ted O., “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Josh Busman, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to FG’s playoff odds
Link to Ben Clemens on the odds
Link to PECOTA’s projected standings
Link to Ben L. on the O’s
Link to Baumann on Altuve
Link to Astros Altuve tweet
Link to story on Altuve and cheating
Link to Martino Altuve report
Link to banging data
Link to Clemens on Sánchez
Link to Netflix press release
Link to MLB.com on the doc
Link to Drive to Survive myth
Link to Ben on Swift
Link to Princiotti on Swift
Link to Swift/NFL story 1
Link to Swift/NFL story 2
Link to Swift/NFL story 3
Link to Swift/NFL story 4
Link to Kiley on Stewart in 2019
Link to Jim Allen on Stewart
Link to Manfred on streaming
Link to Nevada teacher lawsuit
Link to Manfred comments
Link to Las Vegas mayor comments
Link to Oakland mayor comments
Link to A’s Opening Day offer
Link to Ballers promo video
Link to Ballers website
Link to High Wheelers website
Link to Pioneer League wiki
Link to Oaklandside on the Ballers
Link to Mercury News on the Ballers
Link to A’s Coliseum veto
Link to Oakland Roots SC wiki

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