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PAC Files Suit Against Nevada Challenging A’s Stadium Funding

A political action committee backed by the Nevada State Education Association’s Strong Public Schools has filed a lawsuit against the state and its governor, Joe Lombardo. The teachers union is seeking to overturn last summer’s law approving $380MM in public funding for the construction of a new park on the Vegas Strip.

Evan Drellich of the Athletic and Tabitha Mueller of the Nevada Independent were among those to cover the development. Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reported in the middle of January that the union was planning to file a suit. The Nevada Independent provides a full copy of the complaint.

The A’s are not named as a defendant. The suit alleges that the stadium funding law does not comply with the state constitution. Among the plaintiffs’ claims is that the proposal needed to be voted on by a two-thirds supermajority as opposed to a simple majority, which is the state’s constitutional requirement for bills creating or increasing public revenue.

The teachers union has voiced strong opposition to the stadium funding law, arguing that public money would be better served on education. That, of course, is a matter of political opinion. Their legal efforts to block the deal have not succeeded thus far. The union previously sought a referendum to allow voters to directly weigh in on the stadium deal. A judge rejected that proposal in November (link via The Associated Press), which the union has appealed.

There’s nothing to suggest the legal challenge represents a serious threat to the A’s relocation efforts at this point. The organization continues to evaluate options for a temporary home city covering the 2025-27 seasons with their lease at the Oakland Coliseum expiring at the end of this year. The A’s are hopeful of having a home facility constructed in Vegas in time for the ’28 campaign.


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