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Testimonials From Trade Rumors Front Office Subscribers

There are many reasons to subscribe to Trade Rumors Front Office.  I thought they’d be more meaningful coming from real members:

Remove Ads, Support Our Writers

The information we get from the expert writers at MLB Trade Rumors just can’t be found elsewhere! Too many formerly independent outlets are now owned by commercial conglomerates who control the content! The economy is tough; do your part to keep this effort independent. As an added bonus, the banner ads will disappear; that alone is worth the cost!
J. Allen M.

Supporting the writers is by far the most important thing to me. I have been reading MLBTR for many years and enjoying it for free. Same with Fangraphs. When an option came to get a paid membership, I jumped on it for both. While I enjoy reading this, it’s important to remember that there are skilled professionals, who take a ton of time to scour the web, do research, and write wonderful articles. I don’t want MLBTR to go away, so I am glad to support it, and hope to be reading this for many years to come.
Dmitry C.

I love the ability to read all the information on MLBTR without the hassle of dealing with the many annoying advertisements. The site looks cleaner and the cost to sign up for a yearly subscription is minimal. It is well worth the investment to have one less place that attacks my eyes with advertising.
Ken D.

The work of MLB Trade Rumors writers is outstanding – informative and well-written. They are at the top of their field, and it has been a good feeling to know that my subscription supports their work.
Robert A.

I subscribe in support of MLBTR writers as they provide some best analysis in the business. MLBTR is the best source for transactions bar none. I love that they cover even small transactions that are largely ignored by other sites. Great work that I am happy to support.
Philip P.

I subscribed to MLB Trade Rumors the day that option became available, and I’m so glad I did. I get value from this site every single day and am proud to support the great staff who create such quality content.
Rick S.

I cannot be happier with my Front Office subscription. I have been a passionate user of Trade Rumors since soon after its launch. One of the major appeals for me is that TR is a small team with great values – people who are open and honest about the goals of their small business. By supporting them with my extremely inexpensive subscription, I am proud to be supporting this small family of smart, passionate and talented sports fans.
Charlie S.

It is so nice to not see ads on the website or app – much cleaner look and easier to read. Plus the knowledge that I am directly supporting great writers and content.
Jeff O.

I have been a subscriber for more than a year, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The baseball, hockey and pro basketball sites are my go-to for news about my Cards, Blues and Warriors, often times scooping local and national media sources. I check Trade Rumors several times a day, and the fact that I can do this, undisturbed by ads, makes the subscription even more valuable to me.
Tony B.

I’ve read MLB Trade Rumors for years and decided to subscribe so that it can continue to be the go-to site for details on free agent signings, contract extensions, and trade talks. Being ad-free is a bonus, but mostly I am proud to support the writers and the team that creates this valuable resource.
Mike O.

Getting rid of the ads makes the site a lot more delightful, and it’s nice to know that I’m helping the site stay in business and invest in making tools that make it even more useful.
Matt C.

I became a front office subscriber to support the site and its writers when there was a need. The amount is nothing for the value I get and the time I spend on the site – not only for the quality and timeliness of the posts, but also the accuracy. The content is clearly created by professional writers, and curated with thought.
Tom G.

As a long-time “free” user of MLBTR, I stepped up to being a paid subscriber for several reasons: primarily, to support the Trade Rumors staff and to ensure the continued flow of great content that goes beyond reporting news, or grinding statistics. The additional benefits of the subscriber-only posts and articles provide thoughtful insight for me as a fan, and fantasy player alike. At a mere eight cents a day, it’s an enormous value!
Randy C.

If your favorite time of year is the MLB Hot Stove league, you should subscribe to MLB Trade Rumors. MLB Trade Rumors is the best year round source of unbiased, no-hype, no clickbait MLB information. Every team receives attention. You can track current and future year Free Agents and receive expert analysis on a weekly basis. A great throwback internet site with no hot takes, no uninformed comments and no intrusions on your experience if you subscribe.
Chris K.

Expert Answers To Your Hot Stove Questions

MLBTR is an industry staple for information and analysis. We utilize their content daily, and it serves as a positive resource in our quest to remain informed with the best and latest information.
Matt Kleine, Milwaukee Brewers Assistant General Manager

I love the extra subscriber chats. MLBTR was already the best source for up-to-date news and opinion. But being a subscriber makes it even better. Plus, supporting this site is an easy decision, because they do such great work and deserve to be compensated. Thanks guys for all you do!
David M.

My favorite part of being a MLBTR subscriber is the Friday chats with Anthony Franco. My questions get answered, the regulars show up each week, and access to expert analysis is at my fingertips.
Michael D.

They provide excellent news coverage and analysis to a degree I haven’t found anywhere else. When you pair their content with knowledgeable and relaxed contributors who see baseball through different lenses, it makes for entertaining and thorough baseball reads.
Kalman W.

For 3 dollars a month, you get all the tools to become an amazing baseball fan. My favorite part are the Chats which you basically get automatically answered any baseball question you have! Support the best writers in America today with a MLBTR Front Office subscription!
Mendel C.

The Front Office chats and bonus material have really deepened my awareness of current events in baseball. I look forward to them each week and feel that they convey the kind of perspective we would get from interacting with actual MLB front offices.
Robert A.

The team provides additional very high level analysis of team trends, player agent insights, special private chats where you are sure to get answered because the groups are much smaller. This content alone is fascinating. My friends are constantly wondering how I have so much baseball insight.
Mark Z.

The subscriber-only chats and articles provide the best MLB conversation and insight available. Whether it’s related to roster construction, player performance, or predicting what’ll happen next, the MLBTR Front Office content offers well-rounded perspectives week after week.
Brian R.

In the age of mass-produced, lifeless articles, Trade Rumors Front Office provides a host of thought-provoking pieces and insider access to the experts whose content you’ve likely enjoyed for years. The value proposition is unmatched in sports media. There simply does not exist any outlet providing comparable coverage for $2.99 per month.
Patrick T.

As a Trade Rumors Front Office subscriber, not only do I get extra articles and chats each week but my chat questions almost always get answered due to smaller group size. Highly recommended!
Jeff O.

MLB Trade Rumors is an indispensable resource for fans who want to know more about possible trades and signings than just the players and the numbers. The site’s analysis reflects the staff’s deep knowledge and expertise. And I love that I get all of that good stuff without ads.
Wendy T.

I am constantly impressed with the depth of knowledge of the staff at MLBTR as to almost all aspects of all 30 teams. My subscription really enhances their excellent coverage with additional in-depth analysis and the weekly chat is great. Great value for the price.
John B.

Access Our GM-Caliber Tools & Analysis

The contract tracker and agency database that come with a Front Office subscription are the most powerful tools an avid fan or smaller agency can have. Knowing the tireless work that MLB teams and our data and analytics team puts in at Wasserman Baseball, I can assure any smaller agency or committed fan that does not have the resources available to them that we do that the premium content they will receive from MLBTR is well worth the investment.
B.B. Abbott, MLB agent

As a writer covering baseball, I consider the MLBTR Contract Tracker and Agency Database indispensable tools. Not only are they thorough and current, they’re one-of-a-kind. Simply put, there’s nothing else like this out there. As a longtime MLBTR writer, I may be a little biased here, but I believe the site’s trackers and databases allow baseball people to develop a far deeper understanding of the sport and how it works behind the scenes.
Ben Nicholson-Smith, Sportsnet.ca

The contract tracker alone would be worth the price of admission, but MLBTR amplifies its value by tacking on an agency database you can’t find anywhere else on top of the in-depth, year-round coverage of trades and rumors you’ve come to know and love from the site. I can’t imagine writing about baseball and not having MLBTR as a resource.
Carlos Collazo, Baseball America

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